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Key contacts


Jim Cooper
Marketing Manager
Tel: 01344 636413
Email: jim@e-learningfoundation.com

David Evans
Schools Liaison Manager, North
Mob: 07826 844705
Email: david@e-learningfoundation.com
David offers support and advice to schools in his area

Jonathan Andrews
Head of Fundraising
Tel: 01344 636413
Email: jonathan@e-learningfoundation.com

Chris Payne
DMS Manager
Tel: 01344 636413
Email: chris@e-learningfoundation.com
Chris is responsible for all aspects of our Donation Management Service.

Paul Finnis
Chief Executive
Tel: 01344 636413
Email: paul@e-learningfoundation.com

Peter Thorn-Davis
Schools Liaison Manager, South
Mob: 07826 844707
Email: peter@e-learningfoundation.com
Peter provides advice and support to all schools in his area 


01344 636413

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